THE RIGHT COMBINATION. Manifesting ideas takes a multifaceted approach that consists of solid planning, effective design, and forward-thinking development. Whether your project is for digital or printed media, I have the tools and experience to give your ideas direction and bring them to fruition.


Design and Illustration


Website Design, Brand Identity, Promotional Materials, Infographics, Illustrations, ePub, & Printed Publications


HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, WordPress, WP Multisite, Buddypress, & CMS Development


UI Design, Sitemaps, Wireframes, Creative Direction, & Organizational Consulting


JetVent Fans

Content Organization, UI Design, & Wordpress Development

ZOO Fans

WP Multisite, UI Design, Responsive Wordpress Theme, Front- and Back-End Development

Decconek Distributing LLC

Website Design, Wordpress Development

Gold Hill Store & Pub

Logo Design, Promotional Materials, UI Design, Website Design, Wordpress, Custom Theme Development

5280 Botanicals

Logo Design, Wordpress Support

Dayton-Montgomery County Scholarship Program

Front-End Design, UI Design, Wordpress, Responsive Theme, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

Wide Release Entertainment

ePub Production, Web Content Management

Long's Graphic Design, Inc.

Web Design, Wordpress Development, Illustration, Publishing

LGD Replay

Responsive Design, UI Design, Wordpress Theme, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Email Campaigns

Sustained Dialogue

Wordpress Development, Responsive Design, CMS Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

HRI, Inc.

Wireframes, Wordpress Development, Mobile UI Design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

WDPR Discover Classical Radio

Promotional Materials, Event Branding, & Collateral

Medical Massage Center of Austin

Logo Design, Business Card

Grow Colorado, LLC

Branding, Promotional Materials, UI Design

Jennifer Hotchner Contemplative Psychotherapist

Logo Design, Business Card, Website Design, Wordpress Development

Historical Archive Website

Front-end Design, UI/CMS Design, Wordpress Development, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

Kettering Foundation

Front-end Design, CMS Design, Wordpress Development, Multisite, Buddypress Network, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

Body Integrity Center

Branding, Business Card, & Organizational Consulting

Richii Jai Yoga

Logo Design

Executive Producer, Branding, Collateral, Magazine Layout, Press Management, Ad Design, Illustration


I have been working in graphic design and publishing for since 2002, and have been designing and developing websites since 2007. My experience includes work on a wide variety of digital and printed publications, logo and brand identity projects, magazine production, graphic illustration, and website design and development with a passion for creating custom WordPress themes and CMS installations.

I believe that effective communication, respect, and integrity are fundamental to building quality relationships that extend beyond the scope of a single project. I take deadlines seriously, answer my emails promptly, and dedicate myself to the projects I’ve committed to.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Responsive Website design utilizing HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and jQuery
  • WordPress development including theme development, CMS Design, Buddypress sites, and WP Multisite installations
  • Logo Design, Collateral, and Marketing Materials
  • Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Publication Design and Formatting (for print and ePub)
  • Project Organization/UI Design Consulting